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Branded Entertainment Network (BEN) is a Los Angeles-based product placement, influencer marketing and licensing company. The company offers product placement, rights clearance, and personality rights management services for the entertainment industry. The company was founded in Seattle by Bill Gates in 1989 as Interactive Home Systems, and later renamed Corbis. The company's original goal was to license and digitize artwork and other historic images for the prospective concept of digital frames. In 1997, Corbis changed its business model to focus on licensing the imagery and footage in its collection. The Corbis collection included contemporary creative, editorial, entertainment, and historical photography as well as art and illustrations. Among its acquisitions were the 11 million piece Bettmann Archive, acquired in 1995; the Sygma collection in France (1999); and the German stock image company ZEFA (2005). Corbis also had the rights to digital reproduction for art from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the National Gallery in London.

A former content editor mentioned, "There is a definite lack of guidance at Corbis. Upper management seems confused and because of that everyone below them suffers greatly. The term "competitive salary" does not exist at all at Corbis and because of that most positions are revolving doors."


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Media Manager (Former Employee) says

"I loved my job at Corbis initially. My project and team are wonderful. Cons: Ruthless upper management, feeling like a number"

Legal Administrator/Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"People are generally afraid of losing their job on a day-to-day basis. I was told that things were getting better, changing for the better, not so. My co-workers were the greatest to work with, very helpful and supportive. Management needs to learn from them. Cons: Not a secure place"

Software Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"Good people there. Company seems to have a lack of vision. Nobody there has any faith in the higher ups. Coffee machine gives free coffee but breaks a lot."

Senior software engineer (Current Employee) says

"good benefit and good environment."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at Corbis full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Management and opportunities for growth are terrible."

Wouldn't You Like to Know says

"I worked at Corbis Cons: - Middle to Upper Management was terrible - CEO was completely incompetent, feckless and had no discernible vision- CEO was a complete idiot. - Company focus and direction changed every 6 months - Constant regular layoffs, instead of a real strategy and direction, which gradually over the years eroded all morale and enthusiasm anyone had for the company - They thought company social gatherings would offset the obliteration of morale caused by the idiotic choice to have constant did not - Regular laying off senior people so they can keep less-experienced people with lower salaries...which of course hurt the efficiency of the company as you were left with a less experienced staff (DUH!) - Ageism (see the above item) - A requirement for all management seemed to be the ability to make the worst decisions possible - CEO retained position due to white male privilege despite years and years of complete failure and incompetence while regular workers were regularly laid off for doing great work"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Corbis full-time Cons: Company lacked direction; morale was very low due to constant layoffs; office location"

Manager Business Development says

"I worked at Corbis Cons: The stock images business was doomed to fail at the moment the company first decided to not invest in the website."


"I have been working at Corbis Cons: Low salary No idea what it wanted to be"

Software Development Manager says

"I worked at Corbis Cons: Unbelievable churn...4 bosses 10 months...everyone is gone now..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Corbis full-time Cons: • No transparency with regard to why certain business decisions made by executives. • Clear lack of focus or the desire to stick with a strategy longer than 6 months. • Reactionary....see lack of focus above. Executive leadership seems to be impatient or just gets distracted by the next shiny, new thing. • A lot of lip service is paid constantly about how things are changing and this time it's different. But the pattern of strategy change, layoffs and rebuilding persist. • Executives silo themselves with little to no insight into what the rest of the company is trying to's not a large company with a flat organizational structure yet very few employees ever meet...let alone see...the execs. • Those who've managed to stay with the company for many years are resistant to change or the idea of trying something new. If the old ways were so great...then why does nothing ever get better?"

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Corbis full-time for more than 8 years Cons: I share the thoughts of other, former Corbis employees in abhorring the irresponsible actions of senior management, including the CEO, who have consistently and deliberately starved the core business of the company (image licensing) in favor of newly acquired companies in the fields of brand marketing and PR, which have not performed as promised. The 2x/year layoffs have had the effect of making it impossible to service the market sectors that the company was created to serve: publishing/media/advertising/corporate. This deliberate "orchestrated failure" by mgmt has led to the now-inevitable brink of closure. It's a shame what was done to a formerly brilliant, rich and capable company of talented employees."

Software Developer says

"I worked at Corbis Cons: No direction, most projects are never finished/deployed. CEO is clueless. Layoffs are common. Too many more to list but I"m sure you get the point."


"I worked at Corbis for more than 3 years Cons: No clear vision. Every employee is expendable."

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